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Henri van Vuren is a Country Artist and we've seen him performing at numerous places in South Africa where his unique voice, style and songs and have delighted his audiences.

His song "The Happiness of having You" has recently been voted as the Number 1 Song on IFM's Country Top 10 list! Listen to the song here.

First Country Album:
Henri has realised his dream by releasing his first Country album
"Walk through this World with me" with the following popular songs:

  • Mexican Joe
  • Distant Drums
  • Walk through this world with me
  • A fool such as I
  • Someone loves you honey
  • Then who am I
  • Running Bear
  • Ring of fire
  • I'd like to be
  • He will
  • Just between you and me
  • Seven Spanish Angel

Please listen to MP3 clips of the songs! Click here!

The inspiration behind the choice of these songs was: "I always loved Jim Reeves and Charley Pride songs. Since I was a boy I sung these songs and always dreamed of becoming an artist performing Country music."

" My birth date is almost the same as Jim Reeves, I think his is on the 21st of August and mine the 20th. I experience a lot of meaning in the words of these songs and sometimes it heels a broken heart! I can also repeat Jim's words: 'Although I sing a lot of very sad songs I really am a very happy person'.

This album, being Country is a firm favourite with young and old but his choice of songs for the future is not limited to country songs. We can expect to hear Afrikaans and other popular songs as well. Henri just completed his first Afrikaans song and this one will be included in his next album. The next album will be a mixture of Afrikaans and English songs. “I need to get my kids involved too!” 

His Second Country Album, "Im Just Me" was released early 2010 and is a tribute to Charley Pride. These are the songs:

  • I'm Just me
  • All I Have to Offer You is Me
  • Guess things happen that way
  • Does my Ring Hurt Your Finger?
  • The Easy Part's Over Now
  • Crystal Chandeliers
  • I Can't Believe You Stopped Loving me
  • (She's Just) An Old Love Turned Memory
  • (I'm So) Afraid of Losing You Again
  • Roll on Mississippi
  • It's Gonna Take a Little Longer

Bonus Tracks:

  • Ek Dink Aan Jou
  • Jesus My Heer











Please listen to MP3 clips of the songs! Click here!

Honey Bee CD: "Die Heuningby" (Talks in Afrikaans by Henri recorded at Radio Pretoria)

"Die Heuningby" Contains 5 CD's with lots of information on Honeybees:
CD 1 - Biologie en Sosiale gedrag

CD 2 - Werksaamhede en Bye Terrein

CD 3 - Roetine Bestuur / Spesiale Bestuur

CD 4 - Nektar en Stuifmeel Flora / Heuning

CD 5 - Siektes en Plae / Hoe om te begin










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